Set Your Homeschool Up For Success Workbook

Kim Brame | Enterprising Homeschool Mom
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Do you feel all over the place with your homeschool plans?

This 21-page guided (printable) workbook will help you to keep track:

  • State's homeschool laws

  • Your homeschooling vision, mission, and goals

  • Budget for your homeschool

  • Choose your curriculum according to your needs

  • Select the best homeschool style for you and your children

  • Set homeschooling goals

  • Consistently check in to see what's working and what needs to change.

  • Choose your homeschooling style and curriculum homeschool style, and set goals and consistent check-ins for each of your children completely customized for you and your family's needs.

  • And More....

This workbook is beneficial for both new and experienced homeschoolers.

  • 21-Page Guided Workbook (Printable)

  • Workbook
  • 21-Page Guided Workbook (Printable)
  • Workbook
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Set Your Homeschool Up For Success Workbook

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